Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baseball Bracelets

This is a really fun project to do. It can be personalized in so many ways! I've seen these many times before, but not until this year my kids got into softball and t-ball and I got an itch to make them. They are a bit time-consuming and can be a bit tedious with all the detail, but its so worth it. I made them for all the mom's on my kids' teams (with a $5 supply fee--LOL). Well, at least a few of them. =)


Does anyone think I should make a few of these and sell them on an Etsy shop? Would they sell? What do ya'll think?


  1. I think these are neat. I have never seen them before. I think anything different like this will do well on Etsy.

  2. These are so neat!! I know lots of teenage girls who would love to wear these at our HS games. (PS found you through Simple Home Life)


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