Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Treats

I don't post often on this blog, but when I do, its because there's something I just HAVE to share!

Saw these on Pinterest (of course) and had to make them for the kids' classes!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fun Tacks

Part of making the wall display, I also made fun tacks for the kids to use to hang their work.

I used Shells, pom-poms and Beans. The kids love them.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Display Wall

I'm doing a lot of projects with my kiddos this summer, and I wanted a place to display all their art work and such. We're actually going to be in this house for a few years, so I wanted something more "permanent" that will make it through those 3 years.

Tape off the area you want
Paint it
Remove tape
Use molding to border around it
Ta-da! I love how this just blends in with the "accent" wall we have right across from it. Makes your eye take in the whole room.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baseball Bracelets

This is a really fun project to do. It can be personalized in so many ways! I've seen these many times before, but not until this year my kids got into softball and t-ball and I got an itch to make them. They are a bit time-consuming and can be a bit tedious with all the detail, but its so worth it. I made them for all the mom's on my kids' teams (with a $5 supply fee--LOL). Well, at least a few of them. =)


Does anyone think I should make a few of these and sell them on an Etsy shop? Would they sell? What do ya'll think?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baby Shower: Diaper Baby Carriage

A few of my friends are having a combined baby shower this weekend. I'm running shy of money to spend because of all the birthday parties and such going on now that its summer time. I saw this idea and decided to try it myself.


Toule is great--it really hides all the imperfections. I used it everywhere to keep pieces together. I love the final results! I even found some scrapbook cut outs in my things and just pinned them to the sides. I think the girls will really like this!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Teacher's Gifts #2


You’re My M&M
Green: is for the inspiration you give
to me each day.
Blue: is for your patience in showing
me the way.
Orange: is for your warmth and
caring smile.
Yellow: is for the way you can always
make me smile.
Red: is for my life that you have touched
this year.
You’re a very special teacher just like this jar,
that’s clear!
You place knowledge in your children’s hands
melt into
their hearts and lives forever.
You’re a “Magnificent” and “Marvelous” teacher!
Thank you for being my M&M!

I got this idea from

Mommy’s Kitchen

For the idea post, click HERE

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Teacher's Gifts


Its the end of the school year, and I wanted something cute and creative for my kids' teachers. This year, my son had 3 (preschool) and my daughter had 1. So I needed a total of 4. I found so many great ideas, and ended up making all of them in 1. hehe

My husband cut 1-foot by 1-food by 1-inch pieces of wood for me.

Sand down the edges and get rid of any splinters. Take a damp cloth and wipe it clean of any sawdust.

Spray paint the front with chalk-board paint. Dry. Spray, Dry. Spray. Dry. [at least 3 layers for wood, it soaks in a lot]

When the final layer is dry, tear pieces of paper, and using tacky-glue mixture [part tacky glue, part water] start gluing, covering the edges and making a nice border. Let that dry.

This is when I added butterfly punch-outs--be creative!

Twist in 2 eyelets on the top and thread in ribbon and tie a pretty bow.

The back is a great place to write the teacher a note of appreciation and who its from ect.

I hope the teacher like it!
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